Medium of instruction 教學語言

We believe that every child is unique and given by our God. School based English Medium Instruction (EMI) classes are available according to students' language proficiency. A special Chinese Language curriculum is offered to prepare non-Chinese students for the GCSE Chinese examination.

Subjects taught in English are English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Computer & Information Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Home Economics, Design & Technology and Physical Education. Extra English classes and bridging programmes after school are provided to help students adapt to EMI. Supplementary Chinese classes after school are provided for students who need to raise their Chinese language proficiency.

我們相信每一位孩童都是神所創造的,他們都是獨一無二的。本校會按照學生的語文能力編配校本英語授課班別。本校亦為非華語學生提供特定的中文課程,以裝備他們應付GCSE(普通中等教育證書) 中文科考試。